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By Paul Mitchell

D.C. Deadly Climb

This thriller takes the reader inside the inner workings of a sociopathic killer, who will stop at nothing to see that their crazed delusions are brought to fruition. It is a unique twist on an often told story about deceit, gluttony, power and privilege. And at the most prestigious law firm in the city, Howell, Sheldon and Stancil, everyone is on edge, not knowing who will be the next victim of the murderous spree.


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By Paul Mitchell

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Years would pass and like any other adolescent, Paul’s journey mirrored most of them. But it was his love for music, that churned in his core. Eventually, Paul started writing his thoughts in a binder, which often came to him while he was sleeping. Not only did Paul write the lyrics for his songs, he was gifted with the ability to create the melodies and arrange each of his writings. Not knowing what to do with his material, a friend suggest that Paul go to a recording studio. And when he heeded the friend’s advice, a door was opened within him. And over the years, Paul has had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary artists. And along the way, winning songwriting awards (VHI Songwriter Winner – “Something About U”) and creative designer accolades (DiscMakers– Best Album Cover Design – “So Fresh” EP).

As an ever-evolving artist, Paul’s love for writing songs, morphed into writing poetry and literature. And in 2017, Paul copywrote and published his first poem “Star”. Shortly thereafter, Paul started working on his first book, “Bilow”. He completed the writing in 2018 and it is scheduled for release early 2020.

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